Welcome to the channel! [New Let’s Plays Daily @ 12p & 6p EST]

Hello, and thank you for being here! So, I started this website to create a social media crossroad for my YouTube channel.

You’ll find links to all my current series prominently displayed on the site, as well as teasers for whatever I’m drumming up next. You’ll also find links to all my social media outlets, from the Subreddit, to my Twitter page, to the Steam Group, to good old Facebook… not to mention the channel itself. In case you need that link.

One thing that’s unique about the website in my channel’s sphere is that I can use these posts to share additional, in-depth information so more dedicated fans can spend some time getting to know me, their fellow subscribers, and the channel. The idea is that, if you’re coming here, you probably don’t mind my more long-winded side and you really want to read deeply into what’s going on with the channel and community. So, welcome! While I may not post as often here as on other platforms, all of my posts are intended as conversation-starters, so feel free to comment with feedback or questions (or don’t, it’s fine) on whatever you’d like.

To introduce myself… I’m a 32-year-old American graduate student, originally from California and now living in the Southeast. I release new episodes in two running series every day, one at 12 noon and one at 6 pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5). You’ll find more information on what’s currently playing, as well as past series, all over this website.

I founded the channel as a hobby and as a way of sharing my gaming experience with my good friends. I play games that tell stories. Generally, games that have the potential to be interesting to watch as well as fun to play. I love historical strategy (with just the slightest bias toward ancient Rome, though I do not limit myself to that era), civilization-building, and other grand-simulation-style games, but I also enjoy science fiction and survival titles.

My recording style is minimalist in that I record my sessions and comment as thoroughly and entertainingly as I can without any script, post-production or editing (apart from audio cleanup and other fixes). My overall objective with the channel is to provide an intellectually and emotionally stimulating viewing experience unencumbered by anything else. One of the biggest reasons I love doing this is that it provides a structure and sense of purpose to one of my oldest hobbies. I hope that being part of the channel’s community is as edifying for you as it is for me to run it!

Thank you again for visiting, and I hope to see you around.


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